Rewilding parenting is, in essence, about justice for children. A justice which we bring into our homes and which we allow to inform our relationships with our children.

It is about tapping into the natural, spiritual love that we have for our children, with commitment and let that drive each and every interaction we have with them. It is about being with them physically and emotionally and mentoring them rather than controlling them and teaching them. It is about freeing yourself from the responsibility of dominating your children and instead, aligning yourself with the parent you want to be, the parent you envision yourself to be and the parent you find within your soul.

It may sound obvious but if you think about the tactics, methods and tricks that exist, and that are socially accepted, and promoted in hospitals and schools and other institutions, you will start to see how unjust the world is for children. Control crying, sleep training, time out, naughty chairs… Control, control, control. None of these so called parenting methods contemplate in any way the inherent need for connection for a child with the parent, the individuality of each child or the very personal, and often wounded, childhood of the parent, which is what shapes their parenting style.

Rewilding Parenting is going against the grain – but that’s primarily what we do here at You are breaking free from the social and cultural conditioning you have had throughout your own life and you are de-constructing your own beliefs about what childhood is and should entail and what parenting is and should be about.

Rewilding Parenting is about doing all of this for the higher level purpose of developing a deeper connection with your own self and the children that you chose to have and who you are raising. Your children, the ones who are wholly human and deserve love from you before they even say anything or do anything.

Once you embrace this kind of parenting, your recognition of cultural and social injustices against children will be so evident, you won’t be able to unsee it. Conversations about parenting with your family, friends and professionals will change and on the deepest level, your relationships with your children will never be the same again.