The morning my birth began I was overcome with powerful intuition that I would allow to lead me. Slowly, throughout the day, my intuition became more dominant than my conscious thoughts and behaviour until it reached the climax and my baby was welcomed earthside.

I almost had no choice but to listen to the wild woman within. With each contraction, my true primal self bubbled to the surface of my psyche from the depths of my unconscious where I had buried her. She took over when she needed to and when I needed her to. There was a part of me that remembered her. From times in my life, long ago.

She led me through each personal evolution process that I had ever experienced. On reflection, I can see how my wild woman has emerged and faded throughout my entire life. And she stayed just below the surface.

She was there when I broke up with my fiancé and she helped me to stop crying. But at that point in my life she hit me like a lightening bolt. This was a relationship that lasted ten wonderful years but that had sadly become stagnant as dam water. The break-up had barely started when I felt her. A rush of energy, a hurricane of pure and raw emotion and a feeling of glowing bliss.

At points in time where she has been the strongest, she takes over every aspect of my being and I am guided purely by intuition. I live life so clear and true to myself and I thrive. I love without reservation, I dance endlessly and I am able to speak from my heart.

She shows you how to exist in the moment. She encourages you to dive into the freezing cold sea. She is the one who keeps you warm. She helps you break all the rules that society has you playing by. The wild woman within is not simply emancipated from social expectations. No, she is so much more. She lives in you. There are times in your life where you bury her deep away and there are other times that you allow her to guide you. But she is always there if you need to draw on her.

She’s the one that speaks to you from inside your gut. Inside your heart. You can hear her roaring when you feel that surge of heat inside you arise from a memory or a feeling. She’s the one that lets free the butterflies that flutter around deep within your being. She’s the one that urges you to run, jump, play and dive. She takes away chills and replaces them with open, radiating heat inside your bones.

The wild woman is certain. She speaks through her heart and is guided by her instinct. The wild woman inside you lets her hair free and gives all of herself. She feels. She knows her body and she respects its needs. She loves entirely.

The wild woman showed me how to trust my body when it was time to birth. She insisted that I trust the natural process. And she insisted that neither myself or my baby should be disrupted. Lucky for me my husband felt aligned with what I was being called to do. He protected the process and became the gatekeeper between me and anyone who dared to enter my space in the hospital.

When it was time for my baby to come out the wild woman roared. I roared. With the strength of a thousand untameable lions. Without any control over myself, yet with the most control I have ever had. I threw my dress over my head and off my naked body. I got on my knees and held onto the bed frame hard. I birthed my baby. I had unimaginable clarity with no medication and birthed with every instinct inside my soul, allowing my baby and my body to lead.

When you trust the wild woman within you, your life will up-level. You will reach your edge and then you will surpass it and you will be gifted with life changing experiences. Like natural birth.